SFS After Party

Did somebody say SFS After Party?
They did? Good!
It’s about time that SFS joined forces with the MIGHTY Secret Sub Rosa to bring you a night to remember!
We promise you, this will be epic, enjoy….
(Treble Alliance 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

We interrupt this transmission……………

Greetings magical beings. Yes, the secrets out! The good ship S.S.R. is cruising at sub-light speed toward this year’s Sci-Fi Scarborough  convention in April. We are super honoured to be invited to host the Official Sci-Fi Scarborough 2024 Afterparty! 

Multi-dimensional fun is afoot as we take over The Crescent Bar for the evening, transforming the venue into a fantasy party space with our unique festival-esk concepts, immersive decor, lighting and theatrics we are known and loved for. This will be a night of costume, musical warp holes, good-time machines and futuristic sub-realities. We can’t give away much more at this time, apart from the location. It’s in a galaxy not so far, far away of course! Sssshhhh…

Stardate: Saturday 20th April : 20:00-02:00 hours. 
The Crescent Hotel Bar, 1-2 Belvoir Terrace, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2PP. 

With a stellar and somewhat chemically rearranged array of the finest DJs beaming in, the starship bridge consoles have never been hotter. 
In the finest random order we bring you: DJ Kyle Rees, Naomi-K, Lee James, Evading Straights (DJ set), some cosmonaut called Smokin-J and introducing for his SSR debut Shaun of The Beat-Herder Festival Toil Trees, AKA Beatroot of all Evil. 
A collective crew of adventurous, genre-bending rebels only dwarfed by the molten hot music selections packed in their space crates. 

We cordially invite both convention attendees, as well as encourage our Subrosian famalam to partake in our Cosplay/Costume competition on the night. There’s super cool prizes! So be dressed to impress in your cosmic disco suits, alien egg shells, hero’s and villains, Dr who/what/wheres and robot cybernaught outfits. Let’s get totally science fictional!! 

Join us for a night of Imperial Bass with the return of the Treble Alliance! 

*The same rules apply as the main convention regarding accompanying weapons as accessories to costumes to the Afterparty. Inform yourself and let’s play safe. ThanksSFS after party

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