Scarborough Games Society

Throw me a D20! Go on I dare you!!
It’s SGS at SFS!

Back in the swanky The Prestige Suite are SFS stalwarts and tabletop gaming aficionados Scarborough Games Society!

If you are going to the fabulous Sci Fi Scarborough event on 20-21 April in the Victorian Seaside Spa make sure to also visit Scarborough Gaming Society in The Prestige Suite, just opposite the Ocean Rooms on the first floor. We will be running lots of fun games to play or watch over the weekend, and are always happy to chat about our fun hobbies.
SGS is a club for anybody in and around Scarborough who enjoy playing tabletop games. 

Originally started over 10 years ago as a group of friendly people who loved playing wargames with miniature soldiers and dice, these days we also play card games, board games, Dungeon and Dragons (along with many other roleplaying games), have painting competitions, gaming  tournaments with prizes and run day trips for the members.
If any of that sounds like fun to you, drop by and say Hello. When not at conventions we meet up in Scarborough at Roscoe’s Function Rooms on Roscoe Street most Monday and Thursday nights from about 6.30pm. Why not drop by and play a game with us, or say Hi on our facebook page to arrange a game.

Please note the new start time of 11am both days and finish time of 4pm Sunday.