Lily’s Reptile Rescue

An absolute SMASH at SFS last year!

It’s a huge welcome back Lilly the red tailed boa & reptile rescue to SFS 2024!!

Expect a few scaly friends around the venue and in their base at the Prom Lounge Bar, if you are afraid of snakes then go and see them, several people overcame their fears last year & thoroughly enjoyed the experience! 

Raising awareness for rescued reptiles, a not for profit organisation that really cares, and they can’t wait to meet you all up in The Prom  Bar with Arkansas Magraw and his impressive array of weapons in the danger room! 

Anyone that is unsure, just observe at a distance, and if you require any information just ask!
We would like to thank the team at Sci-fi Scarborough for allowing us to join in the fun and spread the word about our work with reptiles.

Please note the new start time of 11am both days and finish time of 4pm Sunday.

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