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Graham Rhodes is an art photographer, artist, writer and performance poet. Graham began his career in 1970’s London when, fresh from a Northern Art College, he became the graphic designer creating work for bands like the Police, and The Cramps, before becoming an Audio/Visual designer. Along the way getting involved with Rock Against Racism, The Clash and Sham 69, designing the product launch of Monster Munch and being introduced to HRH Queen Elizabeth II for the work he created for The Science Museum. In his time he has produced communications for companies like British Aerospace, British Rail Property Board. The Home Office, British Airways, IBM, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Smiths Food Group, Yorkshire Water, The Jorvik Viking Centre, Scottish Museum of Antiquities, & the Merseyside Maritime Museum.   

He has written the 12 volume series of historical fantasy novels based on the adventures of Agnes The Scarborough Witch and Marmaduke her magical cat, as well as four volumes of his poetry, two autobiographies, a comedy history of York, a detective novel and sci-fi novel.

As well as running his gallery Graham still writes script for business to business presentations and dialogue, character backgrounds and world histories for computer games.

Please note the new start time of 11am both days and finish time of 4pm Sunday.

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