Graham Humphreys

We do love our artists at SFS and we have an absolute horror treat for you this year!
It’s the extremely talented Graham Humphreys! The creator of the artwork from our childhood nightmares, who can name Mark Gatiss, Sam Raimi & Clive Barker as fans of his work….

Graham Humphreys is a freelance illustrator and designer, who has been working in the film and home entertainment industry for over 40 years.

His two career defining film posters are the UK campaigns for ‘The Evil Dead’ and ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’, both commissined by Palace Pictures in the early 1980s.

Influenced by the first wave of Punk Rock in the late 1970s and his love of Hammer Horror, Graham’s work is shaped by the illustrated film posters that he saw in his formative years. 

His paintings appeared on many VHS covers during the Video Nasty era, whilst now his work is found on Blu-ray covers for clients that include Arrow Films, 88 Films, Second Sight, the BFI and Fabulous Films. As well as film posters, current work includes soundtrack LP covers, book covers, event posters and privately commissioned alternative classic film posters, with much of his work now coming from US clients.

Using a traditional paint medium, Graham is honouring a lineage of poster making that stretches back to the earliest days of cinema (and horror).

A large volume of his work is available from Korero Press in ‘Hung, Drawn and Executed’, with a second volume ‘A Nightmare on One Sheet’ was released in 2022 & includes an intro by Rob Zombie.

To quote Starburst magazine “Arguably the UK’s greatest poster artist”, say no more! 

“Graham immediately understood the essence of our film and painted an image that ripped up the traditions and threw the movie right in your face. I loved this poster!”
(Sam Raimi)

“Graham Humphreys’ art is at once beautiful and transformative”
(Clive Barker)

“I’ve long been an admirer of Graham’s wonderful artwork. For me, there’s nothing that quite says HORROR like the queasy, lurid phantasms he conjures up with such wit, skill and imagination. Some seem quintessentially 1980s (I think I found ‘The Evil Dead’ poster scarier than the film!) in others he turns his attention to past glories such as his superb Hammer tribute, created for the Flicker Club screenings where I was privileged to meet him. I’m delighted that such peerless artwork is comprehensively back in style and that Graham’s horrors are being enjoyed by both his old fans and a whole new generation.”
(Mark Gatiss) 

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