Doctor Bells Magical Mirrorless Picture Box

A popular question has been “Have you a pro photographer for guest/cosplay shoots”?
Well the answer is YES!
And here he is!
A huge SFS welcome to Doctor Bells Magical Mirrorless Picture Box!!

Doctor Bell, a fine gentleman and ingenious photographer, possesses a Magical Mirrorless Picture Box that defies the ordinary. This mystical contraption, fueled by the boundless creativity of its inventor, captures moments in time with unparalleled precision. But that’s not all—Doctor Bell’s secret lies in his collaboration with a band of mythical transportation pixies, led by the amazing pixie queens, Xposia and Aptura, and an unlikely source of power: hamsters, led by the equally lazy Horatio and Horace.

Picture this: at bustling comic cons and steampunk events across the United Kingdom, Doctor Bell and his pixie companions flit about like iridescent fireflies. Their mission? To whisk cosplayers away from mundane reality and into fantastical realms. With a sprinkle of pixie dust and a dash of hamster-generated energy, they transport willing subjects into amazing new realms.

Remember: when you step into Doctor Bell’s studio or encounter him at an event, you’re not just posing for a photograph — you’re embarking on an otherworldly journey.

Please note the new start time of 11am both days and finish time of 4pm Sunday.

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