Artists Alley

FP Photography
Leeds/Bradford Starfleet


Sons of Skaro
Onstage Tardis Console for Photoshoots
Hyde fundraisers
Cyberking Productions
15th Cyber Legion

Costuming Groups

Brit Cit Judges
Ghostbusters: Yorkshire Division (Sunday only)
Sentinel Squad
99th Garrison
Scarborough Garrison
Grey Jedi Order
15th Cyber Legion

Ten Forward Bar

Hang out in the bar from NCC-1701 D

Ocean Room Arcade

Wild West world
Scarborough Anime and Manga Society
Savage Beast VR Suite
Scarborough TEC
Kendra’s World of Lego
Outer Rim Props
Panels, games, cosplay and talent show with Mashashy and Daryl
The Grey Jedi Order with Jedi Saber Training
Sentinel Squad
99th Garrison

Farrers Bar

Saturday 7.30-10.30pm
Geek Pub Quiz

Grand Hall

Mike Quinn
Clem So
Colin Baker
Nicola Bryant
Frazer Hines
Jon Davey
John Leeson
Colin Spaull
Terry Molloy
Michael Jayston Sat only
Simon Fisher-Becker Sat only

Sun Court

Kids bounce zone
Animal House Birds of Prey
Spider-Man family yoga

Sun Court Suite

R2 Builders Club
Artists and Crafters

Prom Lounge Bar

The North Of England Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk Writers Convention 2020

Music Room

Sand Dance Film Festival
Conspiracy Theory Talk