Two The Hilt

    When you get the chance to book one of the smash hits of SFS 2016, you just do it! These boys REALLY know how to entertain and are great guys too, welcome back Two The Hilt….

    Erwyd and Jay formed Two the Hilt in late 2014 after training together in Historical European Martial Arts (sword-fighting to the rest of us). The duo specialise in long sword, sabre and lightsaber combat; by combining this with theatrical flair and over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, they have created an action packed and highly entertaining show. Whether it’s a demonstration of how to read minds and predict the future or a fight to the death these two masters of the blade are always

    ready for lunch, sorry, battle. As well as being a master swordsman, Jay Gatling is also an award winning magician. He has won awards at both national and local levels; including the prestigious Dittia 
    Shield for Manipulation and the Theo Speaker Cup, both awarded by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He astounds and amazes both close-up and on stage and always leaves you with a sense of the impossible. If the hand is quicker than the eye, then Jay’s opponents had better be nimble on their toes.

    Erwyd le Fol is a big name in tea drinking and biscuit eating circles; but he’s also the first resident jester of Conwy, a juggler, a magician and an escapologist. Over the years he’s balanced a flaming BBQ on his face, juggled sharp stuff over royalty and escaped from locked barrels full of water. In his spare time he creates material for TV magic shows and eats pizza. But don’t forget that with a sword in his hand, Erwyd is not a fool to be trifled with…Mmm trifle!

    Two the Hilt will also be running their Jedi Training Academy. Not only will you be taught how to wield an elegant weapon from a more civilized age, you shall get the chance to fight with a real lightsaber and learn the ways of the Force.
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    Check out their highlights video from SFS 2016, brilliant!!