Terry Molloy

    You can’t have a Whoniverse without Davros right? Good job then as the king of the Daleks Mr Terry Molloy is back at SFS!
    In 1983 Terry was asked if he would like to take on the mantle of ‘Davros’ – creator of The Daleks… well you don’t like to say no, do you? Not to a job like that you don’t…
    Those few weeks’ work on Resurrection of The Daleks with Peter Davison as The Doctor led onto working with Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy and unwittingly heralded the start of a long and happy association with the programme over 30 years on TV, Stage and currently the many Big Finish audio adventures he continues to do as both ‘Davros’ and a plethora of other (usually evil) characters.
    Terry will be joining us for the whole weekend.
    The guest reserves the right to cancel any appearance at any time due to work commitments.