Sir Digby Nevermoor

    Sir Digby Nevermoor’s Bloomin’ Horrors are back!!
    FEED ME….

    If Sir Digby Nevermoor had known of the creeping menace that awaited him in his expedition to the Muerte Valley he never would have set foot on the steam launch from Whitby that fateful day in June 1850.

    What promised to be the botanical discovery of the Victorian age soon grew into an unimaginable nightmare from which Sir Digby barely escaped with his life, and some specimens of that malevolent plant Sanguis Vulgaris.

    But it was when those dread tendrils rooted themselves in British soil at the heart of the Empire, that the world was to learn the full terror of what became known as Sir Digby Nevermoor’s Bloomin’ Horrors.

    Specimens of Sir Digby’s Bloomin’ Horrors are now available to the discerning collector. Grown in North Yorkshire by Tony & Julie Partington, there are a range of plant varieties to bring an element of horror and humour to your home.

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