Robert Simpson

    And yet another author!!

    Robert Simpson is a writer and linguist originally from Wolverhampton, UK.

    After studying biochemistry at Oxford, Robert taught English as a Foreign Language in Spain, Sweden and York.  He has lived in Scarborough since August 2012.

    Robert’s first novel, The Orb, was published in 2019 by Phantasm Press.  But the main focus of his writing career has always been the Marca trilogy, which he has been developing since the early 1980s.

    Marca is unique.  There is no other story like it.  Set in a completely alien environment, it lives in its own world; it unfolds in its own time; it breathes in its own air.  And it is all wholly removed from the familiar Earth of the here and now.

    Book I, The Armagumha, will be available from the PhantasmPress stand at SciFi Scarborough and then directly from the publisher. The plan is to release Books II and III during the summer, and there will be ample opportunity to pre-order.