Richard Hatch

    Galactically Great Guest. Major Coup. No Apollo-gies

    Just as the twelve Tribes of Kobol found their way to Earth, we are stunned and delighted to welcome our twelfth and final guest to Sci Fi Scarborough 2016.

    Richard Hatch – Actor. Writer, Producer, Director and Film Maker – Legend

    From the original Apollo to Tom Zarek in both versions of Battlestar Galactica, through Axanar and by way of a massive catalogue of Film, TV, short film and video, Richard will be with us all weekend and bring his wealth of experience, knowledge and stories of his adventures in the Hollywood Machine.

    World renowned as a fabulous, informative, welcoming, friendly and very cool Guest, we are delighted that someone of his reputation is coming to the seaside ….for all of you! Final shot: 2016 Calibre  ‘Apollo’s one of the gods, a lord of Kobol. You must be a very special man to be called the god’

    Tom Zarek / Battlestar Galactica Another Amazing American to See Beside the Sea!

    If you have previously enjoyed SFS ….. Remember ….. All this has happened before and will happen again.




    “The Art, Craft & Business of Acting”

    A Master Class with Golden Globe nominee, Actor, Director, Teacher and Author, Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica, Streets of San Francisco, All My Children, Star Trek Axanar) Richard will be teaching a Master Acting Class. Learn how you can get the most out of your talent and abilities and how to make a powerful impression on agents, casting directors, producers and directors. In this 90 minute workshop, Richard covers a variety of acting methods and techniques, and shares valuable insight and personal experience on how to succeed in today’s entertainment industry. Richard teaches in an inspiring and integrated way so that even the shyest and most inhibited person can learn how to open up and communicate more effectively.

    The cost will be £25 per attendee, £15 if you carry an NUS card. Should you wish to be on the interest list for following up on confirmation and booking, please address the email ‘Richard Hatch Masterclass’ and send it to :