Tatts are cool right?
    Not as cool as Star Wars tatts!!

    R2Tattoos is a Star Wars themed tattoo studio based right here in sunny Scarborough.  It is owned and operated by Dan Stone, who has been a tattoo artist for about 25 years.  During that time he has won a few awards, written articles for Total Tattoo Magazine and tattooed at ComiCons both in the UK and the US, not least among them, the Star Wars Celebration Conventions, which has made him a 3x licenced LucasFilm tattoo artist.
    Although he won’t be tattooing at Sci-Fi Scarborough, he will have some of his photo albums with him for you to look through and he will be available for consultations and will also be able to take bookings for his studio.  While at the convention he will be selling some of his digital artwork as well as some other nerdy things.