R-Tecc Games Studio

    Here at SFS we love nothing more than supporting new projects, R-Tecc Games Studio will be camped in Flynns Arcade alpha testing Station 21, go try it out, test that new game, be a part of their story….
    Robert Ferry, founder & lead designer for R-Tecc Games Studio, has been making games for as long as he can remember, went to college straight from school and into a games development course that turned into a career in computing and a hobby of creating games, that’s where he came up with the idea for Station 21. A few friends got together and started playing with the idea, drawing brainstorms and stupid images. There was nothing like it out there, so they got on to developing the basic concept, and after a successful Kickstarter they realized that people actually liked the idea behind this game. Station 21 has been in and out of development for almost a year, getting a good following and is expanding more quickly than anticipated. R-Tecc Games are a close group of friends with the same dream of bringing people a little joy to their lives, via interesting little games. Check them out….
    Website: https://www.station21.co.uk/#homepage
    Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/r_teccgames