Project Alice SFX

    The Cathedral of Creativity gets a late shot in the arm from Project Alice SFX, exciting?
    Oh hell yes!!
    Project Alice will be demonstrating Silicon Prosthetics from Z Brothers for a complete undead look and a Demonic look with Tinsley Transfers 3d Prosthetics.
    Convention visitors will be able to have 3d Prosthetics put on there and then, or alternatively they are able to purchase packs and take them home to use themselves.
    The current range of Tinsley 3d and Trauma Transfers will be available for convention goers.
    Bookings are being taken for makeovers at Scarborough Sci and Comic Con via
    and using the “Book Now” button.”

    If you want to connect with us on any of the social networks we use @projectalicesfx

    If you want to connect with us on facebook here are links to our pages.

    We are delighted that Leatherface GB is also supporting our booth (he gets a makeover for his zombie Merle character portrail) with his Bob Elmore signed “chainsaw” prop (again another exclusive for your convention as he is being announced for Edinburgh, Sheffield and London Horror Conventions later in the year).