Pop Up Puppet Cinema

    Captain Scott’s Saturday Night Shindig

    Carrying on with Captain Scott’s Saturday Night Shindig, we have the smash hit from last years party, the fantastic POP-UP PUPPET CINEMA!!
    8.10pm till 8.30pm
    Imagine Punch and Judy colliding with Hollywood….
    PPC condense classic films into live puppet shows, mocking the originals with plenty of warmth and admiration.

    This year the entertaining troupe will be bringing their JAWS show to Scarborough! Expect puppets to take on Spielberg’s classic vision of a seaside town terrorised, a heroic salty seadog, an out-of-his-depth policeman and a giant mechanical supersized shark. All together now: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

    “Crowd pleasing, slick, and above all extremely funny” – Starburst Film Festival
    “Truly original and utterly hilarious!” – RAD screenings
    Facebook @PopUpPuppetCinema