Pixie Le Knot

    Like winter, the time has come to announce our 10th and final guest! Hold on to your hats it’s Game of Thrones lady of the night Kayla aka Pixie Le Knot, who is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK. She performs the most extreme and amazing backbends which very few other British contortionists are able to achieve, currently performs contortion and acrobatic acts at venues all over the world and has appeared in many films including The Devil Inside & My Feral Heart, commercials, virals, music videos and publicity stunts.
    As well as taking part in a special GOT panel with White Walker Ross Mullan and signing autographs, Pixie will be performing her show at the Saturday night party in Farrers, definitely not to be missed…

    SFS has been cancelled, for details click here