Flynns Arcade wouldn’t be complete without Pinball! So local guy Graham Whitehouse will be bringing along a couple from his own superb collection for you to play for free, so make sure you bring your flipping fingers along!!
    Warning!! Pinball is highly addictive!
    Lord of the Rings and Spiderman (Tobey Maguire as Spidey) are based on the movie trilogies with great speech and music directly from the soundtrack.
    Pinball is alive and well in the UK. It now takes place mostly in peoples homes. There are pinball leagues, and there is a Pinball Open. There are a few “barcades”. In Bury, Birmingham, Salisbury and London.
    Pinball Shows happen about three times a year in Manchester (Northern Lights Pinball) and Gateshead (NERG) and Worthing (South Coast Slam) Take your pick from over 100 pins!
    There is a great network of support for fixing and buying and selling pins on the internet. is a good resource where fellow pin owners help each other out.
    The nearest dealers are in Leeds, Bradford and Preston. A decent second hand working pin will cost between £800 and £1500. New ones are £5500!!