Oculus Rift

    WITCHCRAFT!! Or is it??
    Not quite but Oculus Rift comes pretty close!!
    John Whitehouse is an extremely adventurous fellow. From the wilds of Vietnam to the frozen wastes of Iceland he has been to dozens of exotic locations and done hundreds of incredible things.
    His passion is Virtual Reality and, while working with the FantastiCon Convention Team (www.fantasticon.co.uk) he established himself as ‘Mr Virtual Reality’ spending the days showing folks the wonders of seeing the world through virtual eyes.
    John will be showing off his Virtual Reality equipment at Sci-Fi Scarborough, Oculus and the Oculus touch controller, Robo Recall, Elite dangerous and a host of other VR goodies.
    We heartily recommend that you go and see him in Flynns Arcade and experience first hand this amazing new technology.