Nick Brokenshire

    What’s that? You want another Comic Book Artist? Oh Ok!!
    This one is a real Dark Horse, welcome aboard Nick Brokenshire….
    Nick is a comics illustrator from Aberdeen Scotland now living in he North of England. He is the artist for the All-Ages ‘Amelia Cole’ series released by IDW and has worked for 2000AD as well as providing covers for the Judge Dredd series ‘Mega City Zero’.
    He is currently hard at work on the new Dark Horse series ‘The Once And Future Queen’, a modern take on the Arthurian Legend. A pencil jockey by day, at night Nick plays guitar and sings in the increasingly popular geek-band Blues Harvest. Blues Harvest play a uplifting mix of 80’s movie music and Rhythm and Blues classics retro-fitted to reflect their nerdy interests!
    All in all, Nick is a very busy guy!