Moon and Beyond the Bunker

    Do you ever wonder what the Moon does when he’s not in the sky? What if I was to tell you that the Moon dropped out of sky early hours of every morning for the past 2000 years, most recently putting on a suit, taking out a gun and fighting ridiculous crime.

    Ever since a botched, drunken Celtic ceremony in 12AD.

    He was supposed to be a beautiful, blue moon goddess who could push entire armies into the sea but they messed it up and we ended up with a skinny guy with a Moon for a head.

    So there we are – he’s got no face with which to emote, no mouth with which to speak. If you give him a Coke float he will drink it but no one knows how. He’s a surprisingly good shot and is teamed up with a homicidal traffic warden by the name of Shades Rodriguez, who pretends he’s from Chicago when secretly we suspect he’s from Sheffield.

    Come see us to grab the last of the individual issues of Volume I (available signed or unsigned) including a sketch cover issue 4 completed by artist Steve Penfold.

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