Matthew Graham

    At SFS we deem it important to bring you the creators as well as the actors, and very topical at the moment as this writer is working on sequel show Lazarus as we speak!
    It’s one of the writers behind the most beloved and excellent best selling hit shows Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, teaming up with DI Ray Carling aka Dean Andrews (should be an excellent and very interesting panel talk) it’s Matthew Graham!!
    Matthew didn’t quite start his professional writing life at the age in this photo, but he was just 22 when he started writing on children’s drama before taking up a post as regular writer on the BBC’s flagship soap, “EASTENDERS”. He went on to write the seminal, BAFTA-nominated drama “THIS LIFE” as well as many other major TV shows including “HUSTLE” and “SPOOKS” (aka “MI:5” in the US).
    In 1998, Matthew created his first original piece – limited series “THE LAST TRAIN”, about the disparate survivors of a global apocalypse. It was adapted in the States for ABC by “Star Trek”’s Michael Pillar.
    Matthew went on to co-create the internationally acclaimed smash hit “LIFE ON MARS” which won 2 International Emmys and a BAFTA Award. The sequel “ASHES TO ASHES” ran for 3 more seasons as well as cementing its lead character Gene Hunt as one of TV’s most exciting and iconic detectives.
    He went on to contribute to 2 seasons of the global phenomenon “DOCTOR WHO” and in 2008 Matthew joined a small, close-knit writing team working with George Lucas out of Skywalker Ranch. Over the following 2 years, he helped generate 50 episodes of a planned live-action “Star Wars” TV series and penned 11 of them. Since then Matthew has worked a lot in the States, running SyFy mini-series “CHILDHOOD’S END” which he produced alongside Michael De Luca and Akiva Goldsman. The show was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards.
    Matthew has been creating and running shows with Emma Frost since 2016. Firstly on 2 seasons of the hit Starz show “THE SPANISH PRINCESS”. And now they have their biggest and most exciting challenge to date – running Watford And Essex!

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