Leeds/Bradford Starfleet- TNG Bridge Set

    Back for their third year, we have the gang from Leeds Bradford Starfleet with us again! This year, they’ve pulled out all the stops, and are bringing their TNG replica bridge set with them! Originally made for an event in Sir Patrick Stewart’s hometown of Mirfield, this is the set’s first outing in public since last July, and will be on our main stage as a photo op, complete with a few extra details to make your photos extra special, which they’re keeping a secret even from us! As usual, they will also be selling tickets for our grand raffle all weekend, with the draw held at the end of the day on Sunday. All proceeds for this will go to Yorkshire Air Ambulance. As if that wasn’t enough for them to be getting on with, this year they’ll also be in charge of selling all the Sci-Fi Scarborough swag your hearts could possibly desire! Look for them in the main hall near the stage, and don’t forget to be there on Sunday afternoon for their mad half hour of last minute raffle ticket sales and the draw itself. Bonkers but fantastic!

    Struggling to choose a cosplay? Fear not….
    SFS are throwing down the gauntlet of Q with 2 Cosplay challenges.
    1) Attempt to recreate the TNG bridge crew! That’s Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Geordi, Wesley, Worf/Yar, O’Brien and maybe even Crusher/Pulaski, and we would just love a Guinan, all successful candidates will receive a bridge crew photo.
    2) Captain Scott’s Redshirt challenge! As many red shirts as we can genuinely muster for a shot on deck, for every one SFS will donate £5 to St Catherine’s Hospice.
    Crack on!