Lee Bradley

    Have we got a ‘MARVEL’LOUS artist for you!

    Lee Bradley is a maverick UK freelance illustrator that works within the pop culture industry. He has worked on a variety of comic book properties including Spider-man, Transformers, Transformers Animated, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Middle Eastern comic book The ’99. Along with the Transformers How-to-Draw Guide.

    Lee works on all aspects of comic book illustration in various roles from penciler, inker to colourist. He has worked as an illustrator on a variety of different MARVEL products from Sketch Card series such as Retro MARVEL, MARVELS Greatest Battles, Women of MARVEL, AVENGERS Age of Ultron & the Marvel Masterwork’s Card Series.

    In addition to a vast array of sketch card projects ranging from iconic MARVEL Heroes, through to popular characters from History Lee also works on Concept Art, Logos, Advertising, and Movie/Television Storyboards.

    Lee’s Art work is influenced by the classic Marvel and DC imagery from popular 80s & 90s TV and Film. He is constantly pushing artistic boundaries combined with unique aesthetic of Pop Art.

    Lee is a Lucasfilm Accredited Artist.

    And he’s awesome.