Kev Crossley

    After 15 years designing video games Kev Crossley turned his hand to illustration, contributing to numerous D20 gaming books alongside work for comics including 2000AD, Mam Tor and Kiss4k.

    His art and writing has appeared in over twenty art books published by Quarto and Ilex among others, and he is the author and illustrator of three books of his own:

    Fantasy Clip Art 2006

    101 Top Tops From Professional Fantasy Painters 2011

    Character Design From The Ground Up 2014

    Kev writes and illustrates regularly for Imagine FX magazine and affiliated publications and in 2012 he illustrated Ian Livingstone’s 30th Anniversary FF title: Blood Of The Zombies

    In 2015 he produced illustrations for Total Warhammer and Jonathan Green’s ‘Alice’s Nightmare In Wonderland’ game book.