Jon Campling

    Fans of FINAL FANTASY are in for a real treat with a chance to meet none other than the Incredible KING REGIS himself, Yorkshire born Actor JON CAMPLING. As well as providing his regal face, Jon did ALL the motion capture for both REGIS & ARDYN AZUNIA In the stunning FFXV feature film KINGSGLAIVE. Come say hi & #WalkTall with the King of Lucis. For non FF fans Jon was also the SPECSAVERS Ads guy (with the umbrella) and as a DEATHEATER he stopped the mighty HOGWARTS EXPRESS to kidnap Luna Lovegood for Voldermort in HARRY POTTER DH1. Jon is delighted to return for his 4th year and as usual will also be raising money for his charity #INVESTinME.