Joe Lidster

    We could do with a BBC writer to sit alongside The Doctor, Ace & Ianto on the Saturday of SFS couldn’t we?
    Well never fear because Joe Lidster will be returning to SFS to take part in a special SatWhoDay panel talk & chat to fans.
    His debut work was the audio play The Rapture for Big Finish Productions in 2002. Numerous further audio plays and prose short stories followed for Big Finish, for their Doctor Who line, spin-offs and other series (Sapphire & Steel and The Tomorrow People).

    In 2005, he started working for the BBC, writing tie-in material for the new Doctor Who television series. He made his TV writing debut in 2008 on the second series of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood and subsequently wrote three two-part stories for The Sarah Jane Adventures and two two-part stories for Wizards vs Aliens.

    Lidster writes the content for the tie-in websites relating to the fictional world of the television series, Sherlock. Alongside co-producer James Goss, he has produced Big Finish Productions’ dramatic reading range of Dark Shadows audio dramas since 2011. In 2011, he script-edited the short film Cleaning Up written by Simon Guerrier and starring Mark Gatiss and Louise Jameson.

    In 2012, he won the ‘Audience Favourite Writer’ award for his first play Nice Sally in the Off Cut Theatre Festival, he also wrote 2014 CBBC sitcom Millie Inbetween.

    Joe appeared at the very first SFS back in 2014 alongside Colin Baker & Kai Owen, and had such a great time he is back for more!