Jenna Whyte Illustration

    Artist, author & paint alchemist….
    It’s Jenna Whyte!!
    Throughout 2008 I was a student at the London Art College Certificate course for Science Fiction and Fantasy were I was tutored by John Cameron. By the end of the year I passed the course with a ‘Certificate of Distinction’. In 2009 I worked with a Canadian company named ‘Inhabit Media’. I was an artist/illustrator on the project in which I had to create illustrations depicting Inuit legends and characters.
    I have also worked painting for haikus writen be James Clayton. Capturing stories of old Japan with ethereal imagery of mystic Women. From November 2009 I have had the privilege to work for an idipendent comic ‘Murky Depths’ and attending Comic conventions selling my art.
    I am currently working on my own project involving the Elements of the periodic table, personified as Victorian style women. The properties of the Elements being reflected in the personality and traits of the women. Due to be released in November 2012.

    London Art Collage
    Sci-fi and Fantasy Art
    Awarded: “Certificate of Distinction” in ‘Sci-Fi and Fantasy art course’
    Jenna Whyte Illustration