Hugo Myatt
    “Ooh, Nasty!”
    Or not, if you are fan of TV show Knightmare then you will be thrilled to discover that none other than Treguard himself Hugo Myatt is our second guest announcement for SFS 2019! In full costume too for those all so important photo shoots….

    Hugo Myatt played the role of Treguard of Dunshelm, the dungeon master and presenter of the Children’s ITV game series Knightmare throughout all eight series of its run, between 1987 and 1994.

    Myatt met Tim Child, the creator of Knightmare, while he was working as line producer on Anglia Television’s regional news programme About Anglia with his wife, the then-presenter Christine Webber. Child believed that Myatt was ideal for a dungeon master role, and arranged to make a pilot for a show he entitled Dungeon Doom. A few months after the first pilot a second pilot was made, which was renamed Knightmare. The second pilot was successful and a full series was commissioned. Myatt’s Treguard became the only character to appear consistently throughout all 112 episodes that were made over Knightmare’s eight series. Myatt ad-libbed some dialogue, with “Ooh, nasty!” becoming a series catchphrase.