Gareth David-Lloyd

    Outside of London, Scarborough is officially the second most likely place for an alien invasion.

    We couldn’t face it on our own but Torchwood!!…………..
    So we know that SFS 4 is in very safe hands as Ianto Jones arrives for duty on the Saturday as part of our ‘SatWhoDay’ guest line up and we welcome Gareth David-Lloyd here for his first trip to the seaside!!

    Although best known for his portrayal of Ianto Jones in Torchwood (which he continues to reprise in the Big Finish Torchwood audio series) he has had a massively diverse career from Holby City to Rosemary and Thyme but of special interest is his involvement as the voice of Solas in Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and his appearances in the Sci Fi TV series Warehouse 13 and Neil Marshall’s film Dark Signal.

    He is also an accomplished singer so we may try to get him out into the Sun Court for a tune or two with our regular live entertainment!