Dean Andrews

    Shaz: Ray Carling! What are you doing?
    Ray Carling: Just getting myself a sneaky pint. There seems to be a blockage.
    Shaz Granger: Yeah… Anyway about, Chris. He really needs to stand up for himself, take control of his own destiny. He’s in denial.
    Ray Carling: The Nile? Isn’t that a river in Egypt?

    It’s our absolute pleasure this Christmas Day to announce our latest guest!
    None other than Dean Andrews aka Raymondo from two of the greatest tv shows of the 2000s….

    Dean Andrews is best known for his role as DS Ray Carling in the BBC drama series Life on Mars. He continued the role in the sequel series, Ashes to Ashes, until 2010. As of April 2019, he has appeared as Will Taylor on ITV soap opera Emmerdale.

    Sci-Fi Scarborough WILL return on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of April 2022 at the finest convention location in the known universe Scarborough Spa….