Craig Hallam

    Craig Hallam is an author whose works span all corners of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror.

    Since his debut in the British Fantasy Society journal in 2008, his tales have nestled twixt the pages of magazines and anthologies the world over. His Gothic Fantasy novel, Greaveburn, Steampunk trilogy, The Adventures of Alan Shaw, and the dark short stories of Not Before Bed have filled the imaginations of geeks, niche and alternative readers with their character-driven style and unusual plots.

    Taking a brief break from fiction in 2017, Craig chronicled his experiences of living with depression and anxiety on, a blog which is currently followed by thousands of people across the globe and has culminated int eh release of a Down Days book in August 2019. Now back in the fiction saddle, he’s completed a novella featuring non-binary characters in a cyberpunk vision of the future which will be released in November 2019. He’s now back to working on completing Alan Shaw’s trilogy of adventures.


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    Twitter: @craighallam84





    Praise for Craig Hallam:

    “Written with considerable style.”

    “A considered dismantling of the macho hero archetype.”

    Nimue Brown, Hopeless Maine, on the Adventures of Alan Shaw trilogy


    “Witty, expressive and rich.”

    Biff Raven-Hill


    “A kick in the shinplates to more stereotypical fare.”

    Steampunk Chronicle, on Greaveburn


    Atmospheric…darkly visceral”

    Daniel Powell, The Byproduct, on Not Before Bed


    “Sharp, sardonic wit that is unmistakeably British”

    Nathan Robinson, Ketchup On Everything, Starers, Caldera



    Embrace the Weird with books by Craig Hallam:
    Not Before Bed
    The Adventures of Alan Shaw
    Old Haunts (The Adventures of Alan Shaw 2)

    All available in print and ebook –