Craig Hallam

    Time for another author! Welcome back sir!!
    Craig Hallam returns to Sci-Fi Scarborough with novels spanning Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk and Horror.
    Tackling short stories since late 2008, his tales have filled the pages of magazines and anthologies the world over, including the British Fantasy Society journal and Murky Depths.
    His Gothic Fantasy novel Greaveburn, Steampunk epic trilogy The Adventures of Alan Shaw, and the dark short stories of Not Before Bed have filled the imaginations of niche and alternative readers with their character-driven style and unusual plots.
    Recently taking a short break from fiction, Craig has chronicled his experiences of living with depression and anxiety on the Down Days blog which is currently followed by thousands of people across the globe. Now, back in the fiction saddle, he’s working on a series of novellas about the futures of humanity with settings and characters the likes of which you’ve never seen.
    He hopes to see you hovering above one of his pages in the near future.

    “Written with considerable style.”
    “A considered dismantling of the macho hero archetype.”
    Nimue Brown, Hopeless Maine, on the Adventures of Alan Shaw series

    “Witty, expressive and rich.”
    Biff Raven-Hill

    “A kick in the shinplates to more stereotypical fare.”
    Steampunk Chronicle

    “Atmospheric…darkly visceral”
    Daniel Powell, The Byproduct

    “Sharp, sardonic wit that is unmistakeably British”
    Nathan Robinson, Ketchup On Everything, Starers, Caldera

    Twitter: @BooksByCraig