Chris Achilleos

    Everyone’s got an Achilles Heel right?
    When it comes to illustration ours is an Achilleos Heel!
    A huge, massive SFS welcome to the one & only Chris Achilleos!!
    Chris Achilleos is a British illustrator, painter and conceptual artist. Over the past 40 years, he has created some of the best loved fantasy and glamour art and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artist in the world.
    When he left school in 1966, he knew he wanted to become a professional artist and attended Hornsey College of Art. There he studied technical illustration and learned about various drawing disciplines, airbrushing and perspective. During his last year at college, Chris became proficient with the airbrush — a skill that proved very useful in his later career as a professional illustrator.
    His works have adorned hundreds of fantasy book covers in the seventies and eighties, including novels by Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Moorcock.

    He is also well known for the popular graphic style Dr Who illustrations he produced for the original Target Books Dr Who novelisations, as well as illustrations for the first twelve Star Trek book covers.
    Chris worked as a conceptual/costume artist for the adult animation cult movie Heavy Metal and is best known for his famous painting of the heroine Taarna commissioned for the movie poster in 1980. Other movies include the American fantasy film Willow, the historical dramas King Arthur and The Last Legion.

    “My pictures vary so much in subject matter, just as much as my techniques and materials do; from slick graphic works to figurative dragons and landscapes. Painting technique and skill is important – with some images demanding very tight detail on a smooth base, some looser, others heavier with a more textured base – but technique alone is not enough to create good work. Most importantly the picture has to be pleasing to the eye, and if it also makes one think, then that’s even better. To me, being a painter is all about learning; each time I finish a picture, I like to think that I’ve learned a little more, there’s so much to learn, I could live ten lifetimes and still not learn it all!”

    Chris’s approach to his work is summed up by a motto, which is written on his drawing board: “Always striving for that unobtainable perfection, that’s what it’s all about.”
    Chris will be happy to sign any books you have for free if you bring them along to SFS.