Charles Cecil
    Here at SFS Towers we like to try to think outside the box when inviting guest speakers, and this time we’ve nailed it for the gamers!
    British video game designer Charles Cecil, co-founder of Revolution Software will be joining us for a very special talk on the Saturday of SFS from 12.20pm till 1.10pm.
    Charles will be indulging you in the history of Revolution, adventure as a genre, and the games industry as a whole. He previously had worked for Artic software, writing text based adventure games in the early 80s. Quickly moving on to establish Paragon Programming company, who collaborated with U.S Gold, a firm he went on to work for. Very soon, Charles ended up in the role of manager of European development studio at Activsion, before forming Revolution in 1990 and going on to produce the classic games series Broken Sword amongst many others, and stamp his name on gaming legend for eternity.
    Charles was awarded an O.B.E in 2011 for his services to the video games industry.
    On Monday 25th of March Charles announced Beyond a Steel Sky at the Apple event in the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino California (the game features at 43 mins – go and take a sneak peek at the future of gaming, better still, come along and listen to the man himself, you might even get the opportunity to ask an all important question.
    He is looking forward to meeting our budding games developers in Flynn’s Arcade too, maybe passing on some of his gaming knowledge to them.
    How many more reasons do you need to go to SFS 2019?
    Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April at Scarborough Spa….