Chantelle Roberts

    Adding to the growing group of fantastic authors at SFS this year is the top drawer Chantelle Roberts, most excellent news!!

    Chantelle studied environmental management and zoology at the University of South Africa. She spends her time reading, writing and promoting her two novels; Prayer for the Blood Angel and Moon Runner. She currently resides in Great Britain with a grizzly bear.

    It’s big. It’s a large scale-epic fantasy, which duel-wields genres nicely, pulling in the scope and scale of sci-fi and the intricacy and delight of fantasy. I like big, epic, fantasies which have immersive worlds and relatable characters and are a bit dark and bloody, because in world ending wars, yes people do die messily.

    I enjoyed many a sleep-deprived night as I happily chased the “one more page” bug and I thoroughly recommend any fantasy and science fiction fan give Prayer for the Blood Angel a look.