CG Hatton

    Time for an author, and a brilliant one at that!!
    Always a warm welcome back to SFS regular CG Hatton, who loves launching books at SFS, and we love her work!
    CG Hatton is the author of the Thieves’ Guild books – good old fast-paced, action adventure sci-fi. Her latest book, Beyond Redemption (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book Two) is due out at Sci-Fi Scarborough this year. She’s still working on Book Five of the main series but has been slightly distracted by writing a load of Book Six, and couldn’t resist going on to write LC’s second book!

    Free Workshop: Want to write, publish and sell your own sci-fi/fantasy novels? An insight into indie publishing.

    Prom Bar, Trading Hall, The Spa, Scarborough
    Sunday 9th April 2017, 2pm onwards
    Join us for a friendly and informal workshop on writing and indie publishing. Learn some tricks of the trade and get a behind the scenes insight into the whole process. Invaluable if you’re thinking of going it alone (which is awesomely fun but there are a load of things it’s best to be aware of). All welcome.