Carolyn Edwards Art

    A massive welcome back to the superb Carolyn Edwards Art!

    Carolyn has been working as a professional freelance artist for over 20 years. She specialises in traditional portraiture paintings and cartoons.
    She has provided officially licensed artwork for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Buffy, Star Trek and many others.
    Her client list includes:
    Tenth Planet, Rittenhouse Archives, Topps Inc, Breygent Marketing, and Cryptozoic, Big Finish, BBC books and Titan Comics.
    Her work has featured in many charity anthologies, and fanzines, and in private publications, such as Tanith Lee’s final book of short stories in 2015 – ‘Blood 20’.
    Her artwork is in private collections around the world.
    Twitter: @Timedancer8
    Instagram: carolynedwardsart8