Blood & Valour

    Brand new comic time!
    Southampton based Blood & Valour will be gracing us with their prescence, represented by a good friend of SFS Matt Beames, we love this, it’s a fantastic creation!
    Ancient England. A land of warriors and monsters. On a hill outside the City of Hampton, a boy sits alone. He is Bevis of Hampton, whose deeds shall one day become the stuff of legend.  But all that is to come; in this moment, all he knows is anger, and sorrow, and loss…
    The story of Bevis of Hampton was once known throughout the world, and Blood & Valour is an exciting new version of this story.  Bevis’ adventures are filled with monstrous men and menacing monsters, giants and dragons, distant lands, noble and treacherous Kings…  This first volume of Blood & Valour tells the very first part of Bevis’ story.
    It is a story of honour and betrayal, love and loss, of battle and bloodshed.
    It is the first of the Legends of the Knight Sir Bevis!
    Matt Beames, writer of Blood & Valour, is excited to be part of a now well-established event:
    “I actually did my degree in Scarborough years ago and so know the town well.  I’ve been to Sci-Fi Scarborough in the past, and it’s really exciting to be able to go back and sit on the other side of the table with my own comic.”