Bespoke Blocks

    Bespoke Blocks – Unique Lego creations inspired by works of science fiction in Artist Alley!

    Lee Threadgold is a local Scarborough artist, and has used Lego as a medium for his creations for over 40 years. He often uses the beautiful brick when working out engineering challenges for larger artworks, including the 30 metre tall Hades figure that towered over Scarborough streets as part of ‘Orpheus the Mariner’ in 2014. Lee will be displaying and selling a number of incredible models from his personal collection at Sci-Fi Scarborough, all inspired by science fiction in its many forms. Expect to see everything from mini mecha to huge motorised collectors pieces, plus a range of bespoke upcycled baseplates and motorised display stands for your own creations.

    To see a selection of pieces that will be on display at SciFi Scarborough, please visit my Instagram page: bespokeblocks