Alistair Wilkinson

    Another author!
    Alistair Wilkinson is a parent, an English teacher, a Grimsby Town season ticket holder and a writer of science fiction, horror and humour. In between raising and teaching children and watching the latest Grimsby Town team try not to fail quite so badly, he has written the post-apocalyptic series ‘Stella the Zombie Killer’, a continuing tale of Stella and her group’s fight for survival in a shattered London three years after the crash which brought the end of the world. It is a series which creates a very human tale of hope and endurance as Stella fights her own demons of addiction and depression in a world of zombies, cyborg angels and other living beings who think a new world should belong to them.
    Alistair is also the author of the sci-fi adventure story, ‘Suspended’. Set in a version of Humberside in 2007, this often humorous story offers an explanation for the floods of that wet summer, the strange behaviour of the dogs on the north and south banks of the Humber and the real reason behind the construction of the Humber Bridge…
    In the dark dystopia of ‘The Balance’, Alistair creates a near-future world where life is perfect for all. There is no hunger, no poverty, no inequality, just a perfect life for every member of a society finely and precisely balanced. That is until they are fifty five and they go over to whatever happens next. Harry and Laura are given a frightening glimpse of what happens when the Balance no longer needs them. They are also given a chance to try to change the world. But they have twenty years of perfect happiness left, so do they even want to?
    Alistair will be hosting a half hour Q & A on each day for writing horror and Sci-Fi plus readings….