Alex Baxter Scott


    Twenty three year old, Scarborough born Alex Baxter Scott is delighted to be attending his very first convention as an author. He and his family have visited Sci-Fi Scarborough every year since its conception 7 years ago. He attended East Ayton school, then Lady Lumley’s in Pickering through to six form. Alex has been writing since around 7 years old when he started with fan fiction,then progressed to original stories and in 2016 got the idea for ‘Trem’ his first self published novel. Trem, a story of love, death and the supernatural which he wrote after the passing of his Father. His second book Trem:Exiles, an immediate sequel to the first, is being launched at Sci-Fi Scarborough. You will find him with both books in the Sun Court Suite amongst the R2D2 droids…

    Five days a week you will also find him surrounded by books making coffee in Lizzie’s Arty Fact & Fiction. The family-run book and coffee shop in Brompton by Sawdon, just outside Scarborough on the main road to Pickering.

    Trem tells the story of Gabby Morgan who, when she was a child, ventured into a haunted mansion for a dare. Years later when she returns she finds herself surrounded by benevolent ghosts, age old conspiracies and a race of people hidden from humanity for thousands of years.

    Trem: Exiles . Following the events of the first book, Gabby and Trem journey into the Styx on a dangerous mission to reunite a family. Meanwhile three assassins face a destiny laid out for them, by a ghost from the past. With time against them, what started as a struggle for survival turns to mystery, as Gabby Morgan attempts to decipher the visions in her dreams.

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