Martin Arnold

    Time for a bit of education at SFS for 2018 and we have the man who can! Dr Martin Arnold is the Reader Emeritus at the School of Arts, University of Hull and will be delivering a very special talk on both days on a very interesting topic.
    The Dragon Woman….
    Dr Martin Arnold has published numerous books and articles on Old Northern history and mythology and its interpretation in modern times. His study Thor: Myth to Marvel was listed as a 2011 Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year. This summer he will publish The Dragon: Fear and Power, a world history of that most feared of creatures. Martin is an accomplished public speaker and has been giving talks about his research interests ‒ locally, nationally and internationally ‒ for many years.
    The Dragon Woman: Ancient Myth to Game of Thrones
    This talk focuses on three notorious dragon-women as depicted in ancient mythologies and in later western literature and art. These are: Lilith, said in rabbinical sources to be Adam’s first wife; Lamia, the child eating monster in Greek mythology; and Melusine, the woman who conceals her dragon-self from her husband. What is apparent is that these dragon-women are in effect male constructs reflecting male fears of female sexuality and of female power generally. The talk concludes with a consideration of a somewhat more enlightened view of women in the character of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, in Game of Thrones.
    Contains sexual references – over 16s only.