Angus MacInnes

And time to announce an absolute LEGEND of TV & film, a face you’ve seen over & over again!

It’s only Angus MacInnes!!

In 1977 Canadian actor Angus MacInnes was cast Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, as the Y-wing pilot Gold Leader. Although the character is only identified by his call sign and the nickname “Dutch” in the film, he was later given a full name, Jon Vander.

Archive footage of MacInnes was used in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, again showing
 him as Gold Leader. MacInnes also recorded additional lines for the film, including the line “Keep it tight and watch out for those towers.”

He also appeared in Hellboy as Sgt Whitman, Judge Silver in Judge Dredd, Tostig in Vikings, 
Ronson in Hellraiser 2, Jelto in Space 1999 and also notably in Rollerball, Force 10 from Navarone, Superman 2, Strange Brew, Spasms, Witness, Screwball Academy, The Krays, Space Island One & The Black Dhalia.

The guest reserves the right to cancel any appearance at any time due to work commitments.